Hello! We are Rachel Smith and Jean Parker, owners of Maple Key Tart Co. We're a boutique pop-up butter tart company operating in Toronto and Prince Edward County.


We make four varieties of butter tarts: classic, raisin, pecan, and maple walnut. All of our pastries are handmade using locally-sourced ingredients. We pride ourselves on our tart’s rustic, homemade look and wholesome taste.


Jean & Rachel

Sisters, Bakers, TV Hosts of Food Network Canada’s The Baker Sisters

Born in Windsor and raised in Bayside, a suburb of Trenton, Ontario, baking has been an integral part of life for as long as the sisters can remember; as kids their single mother started a butter tart business to supplement her income. Rachel and Jean spent hours helping their mother by filling tart tins, earning 10 cents a tin! 

After becoming mothers, Rachel and Jean had a similar idea and co-founded their business, Maple Key Tart co. The Baker Sisters earned their name by taking their mother’s award-winning recipe and baking in a few tweaks to create a truly delectable formula. 

-Food Network Canada

Butter Tart Selection


Our pastry is made using locally milled flour and vegetable shortening resulting in a tender, flaky, vegetarian crust. We delight in that all of our butter tarts are unique in shape, a testimony that each pastry is hand rolled and made with love.

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Sweet Talk


“Thanks for those tarts ladies, they were truly TOP DRAWER. Fantastic. If I wasn’t trying to work on my bikini bod pre-vacation, I think I would have eaten all of them.” -James Houston

You two are terrific but your tarts make me swoon. The whole package. Perfect pastry giving way to unctuous morish filling.  

- Chef Jamie Kennedy 

They make arguably - no the agument's over - the BEST butter tart I've ever had. -Noah Cappe

“Beautiful, inspiring, and hard working! That’s how I would describe Rachel and Jean AKA The Baker Sisters! I had the pleasure of having them on The Parenting Show this past Sunday and we had a blast.” - Pina Crispo

Hands down. The BEST.  - Megan Munro

These are the BEST butter tarts I've ever had. 

- John Catucci

The butter tarts are so good, they make me want to slap my mama. -Matt McLean 

Literally the BEST. You guys have a WINNER. - Amy Rosen 



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