A Royal Good Time!

We had the pleasure of being on the Marilyn Denis show yesterday for a Royal Wedding Baking Extravaganza! No spoiler alerts here- but a big thank you to Marilyn and her amazing team for giving these Baker Sisters some royal love! The episode airs tomorrow, Wednesday May the 16th at 10:00 & 11:00 am on CTV! #bakersisters #baking #marilyndenis #daytimetv #royalwedding #hightea #teacakes #eatdessertfirst #dessert #CTV #foodnetworkca

An Italian bombshell

For the record, neither one of us is Italian. But we both clearly want be. I've had a love affair with Italy since as long as I can remember; their passionate culture, whimsical countryside and sumptuous food, and oh, did I mention, those bombshell desserts!?! Here is a recipe that was passed down by my good friend Elisa who learned it from her mom. There are no measurements here. As the avid recipe-follower, I painstakingly asked her "how much of everything?!" she just shru

Good morning Gorgeous

Here is my recipe on a breakfast cereal that will satisfy every member of your family. It's delicious. It's hearty. It's healthy (ish). It's called "Good Morning Gorgeous Granola", which I gotta tell ya, is awfully nice to hear first thing in the morning (and nicer to eat)! Good Morning Gorgeous Granola 3 C oats 2 C rice cereal 1 C pepitas 1 C sunflower seeds 1/2 C flax seeds 1/3 C veggie oil 1/3 C brown sugar 1/3 C maple syrup 1 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp ginger 1/4 tsp nutmeg pi

No fussy-pants

#bakersisters #lovedessert #eatdessertfirst #baking #galette #howto #dessert #sisters #pie #stonefruit #recipe #bakers #foodnetwork We are starting to notice a trend with our recipe choosing... they are not fussy, not at all. They have a few steps, a few ingredients and come together pretty effortlessly. Is this because we are moms who have little time in our day-to-day to be finicky and adventurous or... are are we just lazy and want to spend more time eating what we make wh

A berry good tip!

#bakersisters #foodnetwork #raspberries #desserts #cheesecake #cakedecorating #easybakes #baking #sisters #eatdessertfirst I dream of one day someone presenting me with a book of all my many Baker Sister puns... they are limitless! Here is one more- this is a berry good tip- but it actually is!! Rach and I show you how to effortlessly sugar raspberries to use as gorgeous decorations for your desserts (like our mini cheesecakes). Sugared Raspberries quart of fresh berries 1/2

In the Sweet Seat with Amy Rosen

When we're not filming The Baker Sisters, Rach and I love to visit bakeries around town and EAT, and chit chat with the bakers, and EAT, and take in each bakery's unique vibe and did we mention EAT? We had a chance to sit down with Amy Rosen of Rosen's Cinnamon Buns and ask her some drool-worthy questions... ps- Neither Rach or me can explain what's going on with our big-texas hair in this picture... 1) Who taught you how to bake? I'm self taught. I am actually not a baker. I

Easter Easter!

Is dessert really necessary at Easter, considering the abundance of chocolate bunnies and- YES!! ALWAYS!! We like to think of all those chocolate bunnies and eggs and jelly beans as an appetizer to the main event. In this case Raspberry Lemon Mini Cheesecakes! These darlings are the perfect dessert to make ahead. Bring them out moments before guests arrive and feel like wonder woman (or man)! No big deal. Raspberry Lemon Mini Cheesecakes makes 8 1 1/2 C graham cracker crumbs