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An Italian bombshell

For the record, neither one of us is Italian. But we both clearly want be. I've had a love affair with Italy since as long as I can remember; their passionate culture, whimsical countryside and sumptuous food, and oh, did I mention, those bombshell desserts!?! Here is a recipe that was passed down by my good friend Elisa who learned it from her mom. There are no measurements here. As the avid recipe-follower, I painstakingly asked her "how much of everything?!" she just shrugged and said "enough".

Elisa's Tiramisu

Mascarpone (about 475 g)




lady fingers (at least two packages)

cocoa powder

In a stand mixer whip mascarpone and "enough" sugar to sweeten. Add a splash of sambuca and mix until incorporated. Add a splash of sambuca (I'm guessing here guys) to maybe six cups of cooled espresso. Working one at a time, dip lady fingers in the cooled coffee, then layer in the bottom of a clear dish (we craftily used a flower vase). Spread a layer of mascarpone on top. Using a sifter, dust a layer of cocoa powder until mascarpone is covered. Repeat until you fill your dish- the more layers the better! Finish with a liberal dusting of cocoa powder. Okay- this is the worst part, you have to REFRIGERATE FOR AT LEAST SIX HOURS OR OVERNIGHT. It sucks waiting, but we promise you well, well worth it. Molto Buono.


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